Interview with Jon-Scott Clark – ensemble member, Mamma Mia! International Tour

Jon-Scott Clark, 22, is a professional dancer who is currently a member of the ensemble in the cast of the International Tour of Mamma Mia! Here he talks about his training and his time on the road with Mamma Mia!

Jon-Scott started dancing from the age of 12, where he was told by his football coach to take up dancing to help improve his footwork. He started attending classes with his twin sister Samantha, and started to show real promise for a profession which totally contradicted the laddish mentality of the footballing world. Despite reaching a county level standard of football, Jon-Scott’s talent for performing led him to follow a career in the performing arts.

At 16, Jon-Scott auditioned for a number of full-time performing arts schools up and down the country, finally securing a place at the prestigious Laine Theatre Arts in Epsom, where he was appointed head boy. After three years of training Jon-Scott has gone on to perform in many productions, including Robinson Crusoe and the Caribbean Pirates in Newcastle, An Evening of Laughter with Ken Dodd & Friends at the London Palladium and performing in Dubai for the production of The West End and Beyond.

Jon-Scott Clark, Laine Theatre Arts Graduate and ensemble member for Mamma Mia! International Tour

You’re currently performing in Mamma Mia! in Cardiff, what’s it like to be part of a touring production?

It is amazing to be part of a tour production. Being on tour with Mamma Mia! is particularly amazing as it’s such a phenomenon of show, and is loved world wide. To get the reaction we do from the audience is an awesome feeling!

How is the tour different from the West End production?

The tour is different because we are always changing location. It keeps the cast and fresh and on their toes, so there is more energy and excitement on and off stage.

Who is the director and what are they like to work with?

The directors are amazing to work with. They are very easy to communicate with and always want the show to keep growing – for example, the directors always watch the show to make sure it’s in good nick, then trying new things out to make it better. Our resident Ian Waller tours with us and makes this happen, with big help from our Dance captain Nicola Sneddon (Henry).

What do you think of Wales Millennium Centre as a venue to perform in?

The Millennium Centre is an amazing venue as it is a beautiful theatre with wonderful staff. It’s also refreshing for the cast to be in a theatre for a change, because the show usually tours in big arenas.

What is your favourite scene of the performance and why?

Does Your Mother Know has to be my favourite scene as it’s a fun number and we always have a laugh doing it. The lads are always battling against each other to flirt with Tanya (Kate Graham) and get her attention!

Jon-Scott, far left, performing 'Money Money Money'

If given the choice, which musical or show would you love to perform in and why?

I’d love to be in Footloose – it’s a great show, I love the songs in it and the the story behind it. It also has really high energy dancing.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

My highlight of my career so far was having the chance to perform as Pepper in Mamma Mia! (Jon-Scott is the first cover for the role) throughout Liverpool. We had great feedback from the audiences we performed to, was such a buzz!

Any advice for aspiring dancers?

Any aspiring dancers out there should grab every chance they get to train in every style possible. Train as much as you can, make sure that your heart is in it and give every performance everything you’ve got. Finally, always keep positive and keep trying!


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