RAD, ISTD and IDTA to launch first Dance Proms at the Royal Albert Hall

Three of the leading dance boards are to collaborate to launch the first ever Dance Proms at the Royal Albert Hall in November this year.

The event will feature UK members from the RAD, ISTD and IDTA from across the country, with the dancers performing original choreography either as a solo, couple, trio or group performance. Those who wish to enter are required to send in a video of the performance to a judging panel of professionals, who will then select a variety of acts to perform at the event.

A collaborative event of this kind can only be celebrated – finally, there is something that breaks down the barrier between each dancing board. Although I’m sure those at management level would argue there’s no tension between the teaching boards, I can assure you, having been RAD-trained myself, there most certainly is a fair bit of (not always friendly) competition between the members lower down the pecking order.

Back in the day when glitter was a permanent fixture in my hair and I was going through ballet shoes at an exponential rate, I remember charity dance galas not only being a chance to perform and show your parents what their well-earned money is being poured into, but also a good opportunity to scout out the competition.

“Did you SEE the god-awful costumes that new group were wearing?!”

“Ugh, they have TOTALLY ripped our number off from last year…”

“REALLY? Steam Heat? Again? So overdone.”

Steam Heat

Photo credit: LladyYas (Flickr)

You could say that this was just an early introduction to the ruthless world of competitive dance, because let’s be honest, if you’re going to go in for dancing big-time, you need a thick skin. Perhaps the tinges of bitchiness brought the best out in the dancing, through the desire to be the best. But really what we should have been celebrating was our mutual passion for dancing, and that we were all fortunate and talented enough that we could all use our love for dance for a good cause.

With a high-quality performance which celebrates dance training from all three boards, the Dance Proms at the Albert Hall is something I already have pencilled in as a must-see in my diary. Not only will it showcase the vast amount of dancing talent this country can offer, but also emphasises how committed these schools are in getting the best out of their dancers – something that is found in every dance school, irrespective of their teaching board.

Dancers, it’s time to stop slagging off that other school’s choice of leopard print sequinned leotards – and to start celebrating the dancing talent.

For more information see the Dance Proms press release here.

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